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Behind the Blue Curtain, Battery Bank, and Sink

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This will be a short post showing some recent improvements as well as a photo showing the insulation. 

   I needed to secure my batteries in their box.  They weight 60lbs. each!  To avoid any damage from shifting around during travel I built a simple frame around the batteries.  I also tacked down some of the wiring to keep things nice and clean.  I found a storage bin with drawers that fits in the space above the batteries.  The curtain is just a cheap beach towel from a Dollar Store.  ImageImageImage

   For my sink, I wanted to keep it simple as possible.  I found a cheap bar sink on craigslist.  I got the drain with strainer for the sink from Lowes, as well as the drain pipe.  The drain pipe goes right into a 2 gallon water bottle.  I don’t use the sink very often.  This will be mostly for ‘out of the city’ camping.  Although it has come in handy for day camping around town if I need to wash up in the van or if I have a lot of dishes to clean.  I can then take the 2gallon bottle with the ‘gray water’ and dump it at a proper facility.ImageImage


I realized I didn’t include any photos of the insulation in my last post, so I included a couple here.ImageImage

       I am still selling off the last of my unneeded possessions.  These last few items have the most $ value as well as sentimental value.  It was hard posting these on eBay but after they started selling, I already don’t miss them at all.  I am becoming more and more excited to be able to fit everything I own into the van.  It has taken a lot of organizing and rearranging, but I am almost there. 


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Adventure seeker, nature lover, musician, and van dweller

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