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Bayside Breakfast



   I look out over the calm bay waters as the sun rises behind me and think gosh, this is a fine start to the day.  I made a breakfast of scrambled egg burrittos, which by the way were delicious!  I then hard boiled the remaining eggs for snacks later on.  I’m meeting up with a friend next for a walk around the bay.  It will be nice to get in some much needed exercise. 
     Later today I break from my normal day camping routine and attend a gathering with my family to celebrate my grandfathers 90th birthday.  This will be a great way to spend the rest of the day.
     I will be checking in with more van living adventures soon.




Author: Adventurevanman

Adventure seeker, nature lover, musician, and van dweller

3 thoughts on “Bayside Breakfast

  1. I wanted to sign up to get your emails but could not find a place to do that or I just did not understand all the similar places it seemed that you had to pick one. I don’t know, I was confused.

  2. I think it’s great! Letting go of material objects and live with few minor comforts to travel and enjoy life! I have bought a Van as well and I’m in the process of converting it – into a camper/home. I have not decided yet to do full time van dwelling, but plan to have it ready for this summer to take all over. I started the insulation process and feel good about the first steps and I can’t wait to see the finish product. Thanks for sharing all your post!

  3. Thank you, Brian. You inspire me. I feel called to follow in ur footsteps: Quit my job. Live on wheels. Travel free. And perhaps do work camp stuff. Like you — live the dream.

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