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Bayside Breakfast


   I look out over the calm bay waters as the sun rises behind me and think gosh, this is a fine start to the day.  I made a breakfast of scrambled egg burrittos, which by the way were delicious!  I then hard boiled the remaining eggs for snacks later on.  I’m meeting up with a friend next for a walk around the bay.  It will be nice to get in some much needed exercise. 
     Later today I break from my normal day camping routine and attend a gathering with my family to celebrate my grandfathers 90th birthday.  This will be a great way to spend the rest of the day.
     I will be checking in with more van living adventures soon.



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One Month of Mobile Living

Well it’s been a full month of living out of the van.  It has gone by really fast.  I have found that when spending my time outdoors in the parks and at the beaches and bays the days pass by very quickly.  I have found some great spots to spend my time. Most of them are newly discovered.  There are also a couple parks that I have been spending time in since my high school years.   I believe a lot of my security comes from that fact.  I am very familiar with the areas I spent my time.  I feel like I know what types of people to expect in different areas.  Also the time of day or night really affects the degree of peace and solitude I will experience.  The true feeling of freedom is experienced when I am faced with an uncomfortable atmosphere and have the ability use my instinct to seek out a more peaceful spot.  This is part of the adventure of life for me.  Having the time and means to explore and enjoy my native environment is fulfilling and satisfying.  This is the dream….